Close-up photography Photowalk at Brazos Bend State Park

What: Close-up Photography Photowalk
When: March 1, 2014 at 3:00 PM
Where: Brazos Bend State Park’s Nature Center*
Please bring your own gear. Macro lenses, telephoto lenses with close-up diopters, extension tubes, and tripods are recommended.
Photowalk conditions may not be suitable to large groups, small children, or those with mobility challenges. Please contact me if you have special needs or concerns.
Dress appropriately for walking and bring your own water.

Phaon Crescent - Phyciodes phaon by Michael Sanderson

Join me Saturday March 1, for a close-up photography Photowalk at Brazos Bend State Park.

We will meet first at the Nature Center at 3:00 PM where there will be a brief introduction and discussion. From there we will drive to a parking lot nearer our intended location elsewhere in the park, unload and setup our gear, and start our photowalk.

The theme this month is close-up photography but we photograph what we see. To capture the most successful close-up photography images, macro lenses, telephoto lenses with close-up diopters, extension tubes, or other methods for allowing you decrease the minimum focusing distance of your lens are recommended. Tripods are always recommended. Reflectors might be helpful for light control and to help decrease wind movement if it is a windy day. The photo above of a Phaon Crescent was taken on a previous close-up photography photowalk at the park and is representative of many insects that can be found at Brazos Bend State Park.

Brazos Bend has several ecosystems including prairies, wetlands, lakes, bottom-land hardwood forests, rivers and creeks. Come and explore the diversity of the park while learning from and sharing with other photographers. The walks are usually under 2.5 miles long and last until dusk. Please bring your own gear, dress appropriately for walking outdoors. and bring your own water.

*The photowalk is free to all park visitors. Park entree fees apply. Go to the Brazos Bend State Park Volunteer Organization website for details.




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